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After having taught at The Southbank Centre, London, I found myself truly feeling alive after each class!

Passing on what I have learnt over the years and seeing others appreciate and blossom has been so rewarding!

COURSE OUTLINE: Six planned sessions, instructing DJ’s on all the basic skills of dj’ing. Tutor the participants in the set up and management of equipment Demo on both vinyl and CD, beat matching, mixing techniques using software such as Traktor on laptops, sharing skills Work with partners and discovering their music tastes and challenging this and tailoring the course as required. Take part and lead discussions in music, music industry, building your own profile and sharing your experiences. Showcase event here at Southbank Centre and this will be confirmed. Providing skills and ideas to help students create and nurture their profiles as an artist, including social media and other platforms Teach how to manage themselves as an artist/how to run a record label Follow-up networking workshops for ALL students continuing after the dates of course. price is PER person.

One-on one teaching available: please email


new dj classes start 9 April 2018 @ NEW RIVER STUDIOS, LONDON

(Sisu Crew) We are blessed to have the natural energetic teaching skills of Lucinda Younger on Monday.

when we first met DJ Lusinda she blew us away with her mixing and her tune selection is NEXT LEVEL!

Our core ethos is to provide a platform for women in music and we have had an absolute ball putting on workshops, meeting new people and all learning mad skills together is like nothing else!! Then we all go and have a phaaaat rave together and bring the house down 🖖




Southbank Centre Class of Sept '17

Sept-Dec 2017


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