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Amplify Your Thoughts Podcasts 


Interview with the one and only omar

Known simply as Omar, has been one of the UK’s most celebrated British musicians for many years. 

He has nine albums to his credit, tours all around the world and an accumulated list of collaborators and supporters to die for – amongst them Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Common, Carleen Anderson, D’Angelo, Soul II Soul’s, Angie Stone, Courtney Pine, Kele LeRoc, and more.

I spent my teenage years being highly influenced by this man's music, so to find myself interviewing him has really been a monumental thing for me.

Have a listen to his influences, his musical start in life and people surrounding him, an of course his MBE and acting career. 
Truly humbled by the experience!


Amplify Your Thoughts podcast

A monthly podcast interviewing and exploring artistic creators from music, dance, art and fashion. Podcast interviews with musicians will ask all the unanswered questions you want from liner notes and every show will allow listeners the opportunity to win signed albums and merchandise.Podcast interviews with performers will explore the background behind, influences and an  alternative insight to trends and scenes. listeners will be able to win tickets to performances.Podcast interviews with Artists and Fashionistas will follow similar format to the above with the opportunity for listeners to win art, makeup, skincare. accessories and more.

Top 10 Classical Songs PODCAST by Lucinda

This is my first podcast and although Classical Music isnt my area of expertise, you could say that my musical journey started within the classical realm. 
I did this podcast because although I am fortunate enough to do 2 regular radio shows a month where I get pretty much a free reign to play whatever music I like, there some areas I just never get the chance to delve into.
So this is that opportunity!

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