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DON'T - the Christmas Extravaganza!

‘Don't – where the real techno’s at” is an understatement to put it mildly! On a cold winters night in December one might be tempted to think twice about going outside.. but although the air was cold enough to freeze your tongue if you opened your mouth, the atmosphere and music inside this hidden gem of a venue in Tottenham warmed the cockles of my soul!

Don’t has been a long standing fixture in East London but moved to 5 Miles in Tottenham for its Christmas bonanza.

Amazing staff and friendly security, interesting layout and finally a night that puts effort into décor again! It was like reliving the best bits of London’s underground dance culture; reminding me of that night, (us slightly jaded OAR’S (original alpha ravers) keep remembering and hoping we will revisit), finally happened in the depths of North London! The drinks were reasonable and tasty and the venue was clean - now I know to most party heads, thats not top of the concern list, but for me, it really made a difference!

Inside, the atmosphere was electric! The music had acted as a catalyst and literally electrified the people inside.

Welcoming back two heroes of Techno only this time, playing an exclusive LIVE show as 'Sugar Experiment Station' (Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt).

People say digital has taken over the music scene, well I beg to differ after experiencing this night! Analogue hardware cables snaked and coiled behind the stage, ‘skull rattling bass frequencies and proper Techno’, expertly produced by these two legends were complimented by the heavy venue Sound System and the magician that is Perry ‘Lights’ Tidbury. Support on the night came from esteemed selectors P-Hocto, Rory Moronik and the resident guru himself Jerome Hill. Still, where the real techno’s at. “The crowd is just well up for it every time! The place was rocking! Nice to see analogue hardware out and dare I say it, over 30 year olds!”

Credit to 303 Photo/Daga Love for photography.