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Alexander Hotel Head Chef: Johnny Stanford

This experience was one I will never forget, dining on my own for the first time and experiencing such a level culinary expertise, was a bucket list moment for me!

The menu already had started my excitement for this meal, it was a picture of the uk and it identified all the produce used in the meals and where they were sourced - what a fantastic idea!

7 courses.. Yes I said seven! But believe me, I had room to continue!

Steamed bun with bacon jam was very light, with a subtle bacon flavouring sprinkled with pork scratching powder.

The ewes curd and beetroot was luckily a small delicate parcel, as I found the flavour/aroma a little overpowering.

My favourite was the crab custard Sea herbs - words cannot fathom how perfect this starter was, complimented by a glass of rose prosecco extra dry.

The wild garlic butter arrived on a large stone, decorated in edible flowers, with homemade rye sourdough as a side.

The razor clam was served in a hand painted pastry by none other than the HC, with bursting pearls of elderflower. Honestly, I was eating art!

On to the next course which was beetroot, presented as a red rose in the centre of a Panna cottta with granny smith apple cut out in the shape of leaves.

This next course was the only course I was dubious about. Having not ventured much into the poultry world beside chicken and turkey, the idea of pigeon was foreign to me but flavoursome and tender. Fused with frozen raspberries and golden chanterelle mushrooms- surprisingly well combined.

The Bbq lettuce with uncooked peas and wild garlic was an alchemists dream! Accompanied by a Lettuce jus

Stone Bass with bone marrow and unripened strawberries and gooseberries.

The first of the main courses intrigued me (how any unripefruit would appeal to the palette) but I stand corrected. This was my first time trying Stone Bass and definitely will not be my last! Complemented by a warm stone bowl and a garnish of sea herbs.

The second main course was guinea hen with broad bean and smoked butter. This was enjoyable but not as flavoursome as the fish for me.

Now to deserts!

I did not know that sweet cicely is a member of the parsley family, that combined with pickled strawberry and pea ice cream can only be described as an explosion of flavours, so delicious, melting in a bed of strawberry bread

To finish this culinary delight, cherry, elderflower and white chocolate and Petits fours,miniature sweet treats wereserved at the end of the meal.

The staff at this restaurant are polite, eloquent and have clear attention to detail and I would definitely recommend this restaurant and will be going again!


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