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One Fine Day in the Promised Land Author: Ryan Greenpike (book review)

Big thanks to Simon for this book.

Without giving too much away but enticing you readers enough – this book is perfect for on holidayor at home! It takes us on a journey through many characters’ eyes on a trip to Ibiza. Those that have been, can relive their own moments at these different clubs and beaches etc and those that haven’t been, can still easily imagine the places conjured by the author.

The pace of the book really picks up and I found myself not only reading emphatically but also having to remember to take a breath as I was so engrossed in the characters’ plights!

It is unique in that I found it easy to read and fairly lighthearted but also on reflection, the author managed to create depth in each character’s story, a pacy storyline itself and also fun and exiting to read. I also noticed the subtext behind the characters; It feels as if the author knew these characters or possibly this could be a book based on personal experiences - it feels thatauthentic!

In my opinion, there are whispers of The Businessmovie (set in Spain with would-be gangsters and various dramas) and in a way reminded me of Ridley Scott style films where all characters are, on first look, living independently, but their choices forces their paths to cross.

Everyone can relate to someone in the book – it is easy to read but really hard to put down!

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