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Turning 40

Writing this is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done. Trying to articulate feelings is always a struggle. I keep being told 40 is the new 25, but I feel as if a million and one questions are racing through my mind at any given time.

In a world that seems to be focused on youth and turning back time, is it no wonder we don’t know whether to embrace getting older or whether we should keep it at bay for as long as possible with as many concoctions, potions and lotions!

Being the eternal ‘younger’ (pun on my surname) ill admit this year has been full of moments of quandary, uncertainty and feeling inappropriate!

We are bombarded with adverts on youth serums, new surgical procedures and more and more information, till our brains are so full of other people’s words, we don’t know what to do FOR OURSELVES.

I’ve been toying a little with the idea of certain procedures but the more I speak to aestheticians and skin therapists, the more I believe choosing a good skincare range and having the RIGHT treatments for YOU, I wanted to test them!

Being a makeup artist makes me very skin conscious and over examinatory of myself and other people’s skin, I’ve found myself looking longingly at 12 year olds, wishing I had that porcelain skin with no visible pores!! Now, on reading that back I know it could sound odd, but I’m sure you ladies understand what I mean.

So, I have tried numerous skincare ranges – from Dermalogica to Murad; Zein Obagi to Elevatione; all except Dermalogica provided good results, but I wanted BRILLIANT results!

The point that some people don’t know is that only 10% of your skin is hereditary – the rest is what YOU do to it and the environment. Most skincare ranges only go into the first 4 layers of the Derma (now couple that with the knowledge that your surface skin dies every day and that’s why we have to exfoliate) it begs the question - what is the point in these ranges if they don’t go deep enough?

To go into the 5thand 6thlayer of the skin you need surgical levels of ingredients. Peptides are OUR BEST FRIEND! That’s what we should be looking out for in products. Also the replacements of Vitamin C & A are vital and so is retinol!

So I am embarking on a new range of products called ENVIRON under the super experienced and 5thworld-renowned surgeon Dr Des Fernandes.

I am also trying the CACI facials. A course of 10 is meant to provide the results I’m after which is plumping, reducing fine lines and lifting. Here we go!

On a more ethereal note, turning 40 when you are not the ‘typical’ 40 year old has a whole heap of extra weight to carry. In a nutshell, I’m not married, I don’t have any children and I don’t have a regular job. These three things together are opening doors to more insecurity because I am constantly questioning myself as to whether I am doing the right thing. Should I stop doing music and just get a normal job? Shall I stop working towards this goal that doesn’t seem to be happening? Should I be settling down, wearing different clothes, going to different places? Arghhhhhh!!!! I know this may sound funny to some ears but I’m hoping that I can reach a couple of people that can relate to what I am talking about.

So it’s October now, and I’m doing this blog on the lead up to my 40th(January). I’m off to Mexico on a solo trip later this month which I am sure will contribute massively to further grown, acceptance and strength.

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