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Michael Moore's TRUMPLAND



Prior to the show, organisers pu

t the word out to attract Clinton supporters, Trump supporters and those undecided to try and get a good mix of a crowd.

Moore implies ‘Trumpers’ are very organized. He is sarcastic but open-minded – he doesn’t attack Trumpers; he merely points out how vigil they are and dedicated compared to ‘Clintons’, who are more laid back.

Moore didn’t vote either way. He points out that it is surely more relevant that they are ALL AMERCIAN? ALL with same aims:

Both want better schools

Basically, his underlying point is that you don’t HAVE to do


‘If one doesn’t agree on guns - so, he says, ‘don’t buy a gun!’

Same goes if you don’t agree with gay marriage - then don’t get gay married! Moore jokes that they legalized gay marriage but not gay divorce!

‘MILLENIALS’ – are the new generation of NON HATERS! - What a SUCCESS this generation IS!! 18-35 yr olds don’t HATE people.

As it stands when this documentary was filmed, there are more single woman than married – why? Because they don’t need men anymore. Fewer babies are being born? Why – has Mother Nature arguably stepped in and assessed that man are becoming less useful and more troublesome?

No woman created bombs or are in school shootings

Woman statistically don’t kill /shoot you unless there is a cause/reason!

More crimes are by men. Men were needed for procreation and manual labour etc in the past – now there is IVF and step ladders!! Men are becoming like dinosaurs! He relates this fact to ‘Trumpers’ - Trump has a largely male support. Moore says: ‘They are the dying dinosaurs!’

His next subject is about middle class people being angry. Their overall feeling is that they have been ‘done over’/duped. Moore comments on how everyone hates Trump- corporate USA, the media - but the media made him! Then destroyed him! Then remade him!

Moore’s conclusion to all of Trumps ups and downs is that ‘Trump’s election is the biggest FUCK YOU in human history!’ and that ‘Trump will be the last presidents of USA’.

Moore draws similarities to Brexit - snap judgment of people being unhappy and then regretting their decisions. But he stops, and points out that the ballet CANNOT be used as an anger management tool!

Moving on to Hilary Clinton, he comments on how society’s problems with Hilary are too emotional - they don’t Like her and have been too harsh, going back as far as the Clinton Investigation. He tells the audience how she voted for the Iraq war – BUT, but that was a while back and she has inequivably apologised for it. And don’t people change? Make mistakes? Grow? Doesn’t America want a president that is not afraid of being outspoken and is not cozy with Wall Street? Hilary went to Estonia to visit a clinic because the country had the highest success rate of baby deliveries.

She went back to the US with the facts, but America ignored her, humiliated here and attacked her. She’s been ambitious since college – possibly already a president in the making? It is widely known that her graduation speech was nothing less than presidential.

He summarises by pointing out that Election Day is one of the most significant/powerful days we have as far as change/revolution. We have the power to upturn a system. ‘On Election Day, a millionaire has the same amount of votes as a milkman. ONE!’

Comments on how more people die in the US due to the Healthcare system NOT the actual illness than any terror attack.

What really is terror then?

Moore praises the new Pope on his forward thinking! He even compares Hilary to the Pope - as in could they both have been biding their time so to speak?

In conclusion, Moore surprisingly comes across more in favour of Hilary, but mainly because he thinks she is more likely to be outspoken with the RIGHT people and is more likely to be help responsible for her actions.

Moreover, the whole documentary is very empowering to the ‘little man’. Moore reminds people ‘it is up to the PEOPLE to hold her/him to their word.’

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